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• Who is authorised to drive the vehicle?
The only people authorised to drive the vehicle are those listed as the main or additional driver in the rental agreement. 

• What is the minimum age for driving a vehicle with Avantcar Ibiza?

To drive a rental car you must be at least 21 years old and have held a driving license for at least 2 years.

In the case of a motorbike, you must be over 18 years old for a 50cc. These scooters are approved for two people.
If you want a 125cc scooter, it will suffice to have held a B driving license for two years

• Are there special conditions depending on the age of the driver? 
People under 25 years old may apply for authorisation to drive the vehicle by paying a surcharge, provided that they have held a driving license for at least two years. For more information about the cost of this surcharge, see the Rental Terms and Conditions.

• Can I return the vehicle to another office than the one where I picked it up? 
With Avantcar Ibiza you can pick up your car from any of our offices and return it to a different office with our "One - Way" service. Our One - Way service is available from all our offices on the island.

• Can I travel outside of Ibiza using the rental vehicle?
In no case may you travel to any of the other islands or the mainland with Avantcar Ibiza cars. 

• Is it possible to confirm a specific make and model of vehicle?
At Avantcar Ibiza we always try to provide you with the vehicle of your choice. If this is not possible, we will deliver a vehicle of the same category; and if by reason of force majeure we do not have a vehicle in the selected category, we will give you a vehicle from a superior category

• What type of insurance is included in the rental price?
The rental rates include coverages for compulsory motor insurance and excess liability for damages against third parties arising from the use and circulation of the vehicle.

• What does our insurance not cover?

The insurance included in the rental rate does not provide coverage for:

    • Damage to tires, wheel rims, vehicle interiors, exterior mirrors and the vehicle underbody.
    • Tire blowouts caused by negligence or improper driving.
    • Damage to the clutch.
    • Days of vehicle stoppage until its repair.
    • Breakdown truck expenses.
    • Expenses caused by an error in refueling.
These exclusions may be fully or partially covered by an express contract, at the time of pickup, through an extra cover.

• What type of insurance is included in the rental price in Ibiza?

Rentals originating in the Ibiza offices have special insurance conditions for which, although all of the above apply, there is an excess for damage to the vehicle caused as a result of accident or theft.

The amount of the excess varies depending on the category of the rented vehicle, with the following established amounts:

    • Groups A B: €800
    • Groups C D: €900
    • Groups E F G H I J L M N: €1.200
    • Groups R S: €1.800
    • Group M1(50cc): €350
    • Group M2 & M3 (125cc): €450


There will be the option to reduce the amount of these excesses to zero by purchasing an extra special coverage.

Customers who do not wish to purchase such insurance are required to leave a deposit for the value of that excess.

In the case of Motorbike rentals, two helmets are provided free of charge in case you need them. These helmets are not in any way included in the coverages. If they are not returned, €30 must be paid for each unit.

• What is the excess insurance?

Basically, the excess insurance is an insurance that covers the excess cost in the event of an incident.
Groups A/B: €12/day
Groups C/D: €15/day
Groups E / F / G / H / I / J / L / M / N: €18/day
Groups R/S: €35/day

If you have any further questions, please talk to our colleagues at Avantcar Ibiza's counter when renting your vehicle.

• Are the vehicles delivered with a full tank of fuel?

At the time of entering the rental agreement, the customer will be informed how much fuel the vehicle has and what class it is. The customer undertakes to return the vehicle as it is delivered, without refunds for fuel. If you bring it back with a lower amount of fuel, you will be charged the difference.

• How I can change or cancel my booking?

You can change your booking by sending an email to indicating your reservation number and what type of change you would like to make. You can also call +34 971 932 038.

• What will it cost to cancel my booking if I made a pre-payment on the website? Will you give me the money back?

Booking your car through the Avantcar Ibiza website does not cost anything.
You must make a prepayment of 20% between 01/06 and until 30/09 for any confirmed booking. You have up to 24 hours until it becomes effective to cancel it without charge.
If you want to cancel it less than 24 hours before the delivery date in this period (01/06 - 30/09), no amount will be refunded.

You can cancel via phone on +34 971 932 038 or by sending an email to

• Can I pay the rental contract by debit card?

Yes, but in this case you must leave a deposit which will be based on the coverages contracted. If you do not have excess exemption coverage, you must pay a deposit equal to or greater than the amount of the excess. 

• Will the vehicle be collected directly from the airport terminal or should I go somewhere else?

You must go to the B15 / 16 public car park which is located across from the arrivals hall at the airport in Ibiza, just behind the parking booth. We will meet you here and accompany you to our office which is exactly 1 minute away.

• Who will install the accessories that I book as extras?

Once the accessories have been collected from our office, it is the customer's responsibility to correctly install them in the vehicle. In the case of improper installation, Avantcar Ibiza is not liable for damages caused. 

• What should I do if I want to extend the duration of my contract?

If you have not picked up the car yet, you can change your booking at any time via email ( ) or by phone (+34 971 932 038).

If you've picked up the car and want to extend the length of your contract, you must go with your rental car to the nearest Avantcar Ibiza office.

You cannot make contract extensions over the phone. See the section on our offices to find out which office is nearest to your location.

• Is there any type of refund if I deliver my vehicle before the end date of my contract?

If you return your vehicle before the end date listed on your rental contract, you will be given the money back for the unused days.

• How I can request an invoice for my rental?

You can request an invoice for your rental contract by sending an email to . You must provide at least the contract number in your email. Our administration colleagues will forward you the details of your invoice. 

• Info motos and scooters

You must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driving license to rent a 50cc (a scooter license is not required)
You must be at least 21 years of age and have 3 years of experience with a B driving license to rent a 125cc.
In any case, 2 approved helmets are included if you need them. If you experience loss or theft of a helmet, you must pay €30 per unit.
Excess:                                                           Excess insurance:
M1 - 50cc: €250                                            M1: €9/day
M2 / M3 - 125 cc: €350                                 M2 + M3 : €9/day

• Info extras

Child car seat: €3.50/day
Additional driver: €7/day
Delivery after hours: €35
            Delivery after hours is the period from 22:00h to 08:00h.
Young driver: €7/day

            A young driver is considered to be someone up to 25 years old


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