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If you really value your holiday time, you’re here for business reasons, you are in a hurry, you can’t wait, or if you come on a cruise, AvantCar+ is your best bet.

What is Avantcar+?

It’s actually something you requested. It’s a prime service that adds great extras to it as a whole, our speed and our efficiency. The contract is made at the time of your arrival. The car is delivered at the Ibiza Airport or the Port of Ibiza. No queues. No waiting.

Airport: From group C onwards and for a minimum of 3 days.

Port: If you come on a cruise, request availability by filling out the AvantCar+ form.

The car is delivered with a full tank, and all insurances are included (*)
You must fill in the attached sheet with the information requested.

You must provide proof of identity at the time of the vehicle delivery. If you do not bring the necessary documentation and the original credit card provided initially, we must start over.

You will receive a confirmation email of your reservation, along with the invoice total.

The day of your car delivery, before bringing it to the airport, we will arrange the contract and will charge you the agreed amount.

If your delivery is in the Port of Ibiza, we will arrange when the contract and the payment are to be done

Car rental in the port of Ibiza

“If you come by boat, or if you come on a cruise to Ibiza, the best way to get around is a rental car, no doubt.” Address Estación Marítima de Ibiza Telf – 34 971 932 038 The sea has been and still is, our main link with the rest of the Balearic islands and the peninsula. Although many people nowadays prefer a speedy plane, us islanders still appreciate travelling by boat. You know, it’s quite a romantic trip: its calm pace, seeing how the port slowly approaches, the subtle smell of salt kicking in and the soft sea breeze… For this very reason, we offer our car rental services in the Port of Ibiza too. In Avantcar Ibiza we are proud to be a local rental business that offers a personalised, quality service. We love seeing you come back time and time again and think, “hey, that person looks familiar!” However, we also know that many of you come on a cruise, and that time is money. If this is your case and come on a cruise to Ibiza, we especially recommend the Avantcar+ option. – If you have selected the Avantcar+ option, remember that: You must bring the original documentation that we have requested you to fill out.

Car rental in Ibiza Airport

“Unquestionably, the proximity and swiftness of having the office just 1 minute away guarantee an exceptional service in Ibiza.” Address Car rental in Ibiza Airport Carrer Paio S / n Sant Jordi, Eivissa 07800 Ibiza Tel: 0034 971 932 038 SUMMER SEASON SCHEDULE> Monday – Sunday, from 07:00h – 22:00h WINTER SEASON SCHEDULE> Reservations upon request Rental Cars at Ibiza Airport. If you have ever been to Ibiza and have rented a car, you know what type of traffic jams can await inside the terminal. The distance that separates us from the airport is next to none, so much so that frequently, many of our clients, depending on the luggage they carry, choose to walk there and back. When renting a car, speed and swiftness are essential. Therefore, save yourself some precious holiday time by choosing a local rental company, avoiding long queues, and enjoying much more personalised services offered by people who work here all-year-round. We pick you up at the parking lot, exactly on B15-B16 (behind the parking payment booth), and personally take you to the office where we do all the paperwork. The average time to complete the whole process is about 7 minutes. If you have chosen the Avantcar + option instead, remember that: Once you have your bags, you must call us to avoid having to wait. You must bring the original documentation that we ask you to fill out.

Booking and availability request

Fill in all the required details in the following form to file your booking request with our AvantCar Plus service

Having all the insurances included does not exempt you from having to file an insurance claim with the insurance company and report to Avantcar Ibiza in case of any type of incident/accident

General services and advantages

A professional team at your disposal so that you only worry about enjoying yourself

We are a local company, we like things made with love and try to make everyone feel comfortable with us. We’re also people who love to talk with you and offer advice (when the office isn’t full). We treat you the same way that we would like to be treated. Our motto can be defined in a few words: a deep love for Ibiza, professionalism, clarity, and attentive service.

Our cars and scooters are frequently checked to ensure they are in perfect condition to travel safely and enjoy the trip hassle-free. We have offices at the Ibiza Airport, the Port of Ibiza, Sant Antoni, Playa den Bossa and Santa Eulalia (the four cardinal points of the island) to ensure that we can give you service at any time. You can make your reservation through our bookings system or, if you prefer a more personal treatment, you can call us during office hours. We offer:

  • Roadside assistance services provided wherever you are at that time.
  • The rates and packages offered include the rental, insurance and VAT. They do not include any franchise agreements or franchise insurances, these will vary depending on the category of your chosen car.
  • Extras and supplements: chairs and booster seats for the little ones, or, if you arrive at uncommon/late hours, our special pick-up service during out of office hours (upon request)
  • Fuel policy: we will deliver the car ready to run, so simply return it as received.

Car rental - Saloon cars

If you really want to preserve your independence while on holiday, we recommend a rental car, no question. That means much more freedom when it comes to choosing your arrival and departure times, being able to return to your hotel room whenever you like, choosing what to explore around the island and when, or simply staying somewhere longer just because you want to. All of that, at your own pace.

From the very first day we have prioritised our clients’ demands: small cars easy to park, bigger and more robust family cars to be able to fit in all suitcases or beach stuff, new vehicles with fewer kilometres, and safer cars overall.

Van, family vehicles, and mini-bus rental

Those of us with a big family know the advantages of renting a van, such as managing to fit everyone in easily or heading out and arriving all together at the same time.

If, however, you are a bunch of friends that have come to have a blast, go out partying and just spend quality time together, a van is also your best option. Comfortability is an understatement: you will all be together, you’ll save a fortune on taxis when going out, and will also save money when renting the vehicle. All you have to do is agree on who’s driving, but remember that by law, extra drivers must be insured and included in the contract, and meet certain requirements (such as the driver’s age and the driver’s license years of experience).

There are plenty of advantages: price, comfort, they’re fun vehicles because you are all together, and you save on fuel (one van is cheaper than two cars). The only problem will be agreeing on who’s to drive or decide which beach you want to visit that day.

Suv's, 4x4 and all-terrain car rentals

Jeep Wrangler or Suzuki Jimny, convertible, all-terrain vehicles that are always delivered with an open top so you can feel the wind and the sun on your face while driving. Ideal cars for those with an adventurous spirit. Tall and safe cars so that you can comfortably get to hidden, beautiful spots in Ibiza that only a few know.

With an all-terrain car you’ll be able to get to any “cala” (cove) or beach, no matter how far or well-hidden it is. It’s often difficult to park at these places, however with these powerful vehicles, you won’t have any problems. You can save almost any obstacle! A 4×4 is the ideal car if what you like is to explore both the interior of our island and our coasts. We have the Jeep Wrangler available for 5 people with both manual and automatic transmission.

Luxury car rental

If you’re visiting this glamourous island, full of luxurious restaurants and elegant establishments, there’s nothing like arriving in style with a car according to your status and that of these exclusive places. Safety and comfort, automatic or manual cars, regular closed vehicles, stylish convertibles and 4×4 cars.

Our clients and partners, as well as the commercial contracts that we have signed with the most exclusive hotels in Ibiza, “force” us to improve each year and supply the vast demand for luxury cars, so we renew our fleet of high-end vehicles yearly.

If what you’re looking for is a special car to give yourself a treat, make a unique gift to someone, or a car for your wedding day, give us a shout and tell us what you need; we’ll give you plenty of ideas and solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us to check availability or request a specific model.

Scooter and motorbike rentals

A 50cc or a 125cc motorbike, perfect to move around touristy regions and explore nearby areas, and super easy to park almost anywhere. You also have specific designated areas to park these vehicles around the urban city area. Speed, carefreeness, the air blowing in your face… There are no long distances in Ibiza, and a scooter is a much cheaper option than a car; plus, it’s very much in demand.

It is a dynamic and highly practical vehicle to move around and get to thoroughly know and explore the area in which you are spending your holiday.

Cargo van rental

Available sizes: 7 m3, 9 m3, 10 m3

Whether you need it to work, to move your belongings to a new home or to take that large piece of furniture from a friend’s house elsewhere. With our vans, one trip (or two) and you’ll be all settled! All our vans can be driven using the standard car driving license.

Vans for businessmen or women, transporters and individuals. In Avantcar, we try to cover all your needs, whether you have to move your belongings from one house to another, or deliver certain goods for work while your delivery van is undergoing revision.


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